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Program Planning

Thoughtful planning is critical to programming. Explore these resources for guidance through the five-year grant. Learn how to establish continuous cycles of improvement that involve key stakeholders in data-based decision-making. Find resources to help build on achievable program and school readiness goals and fiscal objectives. Discover materials that guide grantees in creating community and self-assessments, and achieve positive outcomes for children and families.

Digging Into Data

Digging into Data uses life-like scenarios that Head Start and Early Head Start leaders typically face to build data use skills to address these and other situations.

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Self-Assessment: Your Annual Journey

Learn about new thinking and best practices for the annual self-assessment. The module takes approximately one hour to complete. It is strongly recommend you work through each phase to fully understand the process.

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Five Steps to Community Assessment

This workbook presents the five steps to conducting a thorough and up-to-date community assessment. Programs will find this resource useful in coordinating and executing their community assessment.

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Ongoing Monitoring

Leaders can use ongoing monitoring to identify areas of concern, make immediate corrections, and generate reports. Discover how ongoing monitoring results are used as a data source for self-assessment.

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Program Planning

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