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Professional Development

Excellence in early childhood education (ECE) programs is built on a workforce that promotes continuous program improvement. Professional development is a cornerstone of this process. It includes gaining new knowledge, skills, and abilities, along with experience and competencies that relate to one’s profession, job responsibilities, or work environment. ECE programs and staff must address three areas: Professional Development Systems; Foundation for Staff Development; and Individual Career Development. Resources are organized within these areas to promote easy access to the information you need.

Foundation for Staff Development

Staff development focuses on gaining knowledge and skills related to job performance in ECE programs.

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Professional Development to Go

Find ready-to-use professional development resources. These products may be useful to program managers, trainers, consultants, and those working in ECE programs.

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Professional Development E-Catalogue

Explore training resources in a variety of formats. Program management teams and others may use them to create staff professional development opportunities.

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Individual Career Development

Career development reflects an individual’s career vision, goals, and motivation. It addresses the possibility of an overall career path as opposed to focusing only on the current job.

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Professional Development

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