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Mental Health

Head Start and Early Head Start programs support the mental health of children, families, and staff every day. Early childhood mental health is the same as social and emotional well-being. It is a child’s developing capacity to express and regulate emotions, form trusting relationships, explore, and learn—all in the cultural context of family and community. The mental health of children and the adults that care for them is essential for school readiness.

The Mental Health Consultation Tool

Explore this interactive module around the role of Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (I/ECMHC). It is divided into lessons with scenarios and video clips.

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Nurture Them, Nurture Yourself

This tip sheet for parents includes ideas for helping children learn positive behavior. It stresses the importance of parents nurturing themselves while nurturing children and helping them feel loved.

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Motivational Interviewing Suite

Find examples in these short videos of how to use motivational interviewing in conversations between staff and families. Use these videos to identify skills to enhance your relationships with families.

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Facilitating Change: Conversations That Help

This training presentation contains information about developing conversational skills that help strengthen relationships with families and encourage growth and change.

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Mental Health

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