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Human Resources

Head Start programs are only as good as their people. Explore the resources on this topic to ensure that staff members and volunteers have the credentials and competencies needed to provide quality Head Start services. Learn ways to safeguard program staff’s health, wellness, and engagement, as well as emphasize training and professional development. Find a range of instructional resources, including federal and regional training, and technical assistance (T/TA) staff and online materials.

Developing a Search Strategy: Your Roadmap for Hiring

Program directors and human resources managers may use this resource to enhance their search strategies for hiring and retaining qualified staff. This article outlines each phase of an effective search strategy.

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Strategic Use of Consultants: A Guide for Program Leaders

This interactive guide is designed to help Head Start and Early Head Start leaders better utilize consultants to bring lasting program change and quality improvement. Find helpful resources in the Tool Box.

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Multicultural Principles for Early Childhood Leaders

Review the recent research and perspectives on key multicultural principles. This resource presents one multicultural principle per chapter, providing the research and guidance to support that principle.

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Human Resources

Any program is only as good as its people. A strong human resources system ensures that staff and volunteers have the credentials and competencies needed to provide quality services to children and families.

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