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Federal Monitoring

The Head Start Act requires periodic federal review of all Head Start programs. Learn about federal monitoring and understand all the necessary requirements to prepare for the federal review of your program’s systems and services. Explore a wide range of information for Head Start programs and monitoring reviewers, including an introduction to monitoring, review protocols, reviewer resources, and reports. Be sure to sign up for and visit the Aligned Monitoring Virtual Expo section, which gives grantees, Regional Office staff, and training and technical assistance (T/TA) staff the necessary knowledge and tools related to federal monitoring.

Introduction to Monitoring

Explore the Office of Head Start approach to monitoring. It ensures consistent quality and accountability of Head Start programs across the country, as well as opportunities for continuous improvement.

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FY 2018 Head Start Monitoring Protocols

Explore the instruments used to gather information to assess core performance areas of Head Start and Early Head Start grantees.

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Aligned Monitoring Virtual Expo

Sign up and explore this space, which gives grantees, and Regional Office and T/TA staff all of the tools and information necessary to prepare for the 2018 fiscal year.

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Monitoring Review Reports

Monitoring review reports summarize the results of on-site reviews that assess grantee compliance with requirements governing Head Start programs.

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Federal Monitoring

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