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A program’s physical environment supports the quality and quantity of the services it provides. Browse facilities resources that help programs create environments that are conducive to learning. Explore resources about adhering to safety guidelines for designing, constructing, and maintaining healthy classrooms and playgrounds. Also, find materials that outline the procedures for applying for funds to purchase, construct, or make major renovations to facilities that operate Head Start programs. This includes the measures that must be taken to protect the federal interest in such facilities.

Accessibility Standards for Facilities

The United States Access Board is a federal agency devoted to accessibility for people with disabilities. Programs may use this website to find current information about facilities and site design planning.

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Guía del financiamiento y presupuesto

Encuentre información sobre presupuesto y financiamiento para comprar y mantener instalaciones. Descubra estrategias innovadoras para encontrar financiamiento, hacer mejoras y contratar expertos de la comunidad.

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Certification of Health and Safety Screening

Grantee Governing Bodies can use this form, required by the Office of Head Start (OHS), to certify their program is in compliance with all applicable health and safety requirements within the required timeframe.

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Resources for Safe Playgrounds

Playgrounds must be safe for all children. These resources will give members of an agency's facility planning team technical safety guidelines for designing, constructing, and maintaining playgrounds.

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