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Community Engagement

The collaboration between early childhood staff, families, and community agencies builds positive relationships. These relationships support parents’ progress toward their goals for themselves and their children. Community partners provide culturally and linguistically responsive services and helpful resources. They are available to work with families and early childhood providers on such goals as parents’ educational advancement, economic mobility, and other aspects of family well-being. Community engagement promotes positive, enduring change for children, families, and communities in accordance with the Office of Head Start Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework.

Partnerships for Change: Listening to the Voices of Families

This video shows how a program can partner effectively with families and community organizations to contribute to children’s school readiness.

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Bringing Families Together: Building Community

Watch this video to learn how parents' connections to friends, neighbors, and the community as a whole are highly relevant to developing strong and positive relationships with their children.

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Family Connections to Peers and Community

Use this family engagement outcome and its strategies to increase Head Start and Early Head Start staff understanding of how social supports contribute to healthy development and school readiness for children.

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Family and Community Partnerships for School Readiness

Learn about the strategies used by a program to make families and communities support children’s school readiness.

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Community Engagement

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