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MyPeers: A Collaborative Platform for the Early Care and Education Community

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To facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise among Head Start staff and partners, the Office of Head Start (OHS) has created MyPeers. It is an online social and learning network for Head Start and Early Head Start program staff and partners to dialogue and share thoughts.

We understand that in many instances your peers provide the greatest support and insight. MyPeers is intended to be a positive and supportive environment to ask and answer questions of your peers, brainstorm solutions, and learn from the experiences of one another. This is a virtual community for you to exchange ideas, share resources, and lend support to the early childhood community.

As an informal social community, MyPeers is not the place for confidential conversations, advocacy, or policy clarifications. The Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC) remains the official information center of OHS.

Although MyPeers is brand new, we currently have several open communities:

  • American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) Language and Culture Community‎
  • Building Financial Economic Mobility‎ (BFEM)
  • Child Care Health Consultants‎
  • Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships‎ (EHS-CCP)
  • Head Start Disabilities-Inclusion Network‎
  • Health, Safety, and Wellness‎
  • I Am Moving, I Am Learning (IMIL)‎
  • Oregon Health Network‎
  • South Dakota (SD) Early Childhood Health‎
  • Staff Wellness‎
  • Teacher Time‎
  • The OHS Leadership Institute‎

In addition, the MyPeers Central community provides a place for all colleagues to converse about other topics that matter to them, regardless of the community they join.

If you would like to join one of these MyPeers communities, register at http://www.123contactform.com/form-2230355/My-Peers. Once you choose to join, you will be able to add new communities to meet your specific needs.

Please watch your email for announcements from the National Centers or others as they initiate new communities.

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